Carsons Pond
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Posted on Sep 1st, 2015 Comments (0)
      The Board has recently been addressing a variety of items including:

Many residents have recently reported noticing the smell of natural gas throughout the Pond #1 area. Piedmont Natural Gas was contacted and they dispatched a technician last Friday (August 28). The technician was unable to determine the source of the odor. Another call was placed on Monday, August 31 and a different technician was dispatched.  He searched a wider area with no source discovered. PNG said they would send additional crews to investigate the communities just North of Carson's Pond. We are following up with them to see what, if anything, was discovered. Please report all incidents of natural gas that you detect to them promptly.
      The heat of the summer was especially harsh on the Club House exterior wooden decking. Quite a few boards were deteriorating with many splinters in evidence. These boards are being replaced the week of August 31 and are being given a coat of heavy duty deck paint that will hopefully extend their useful life.

      I'm sure we've all noticed the many deer that have made our community home. Please drive carefully as several near misses have been reported by residents.

      In the Fall, a number of dead trees that were removed during the year will be replaced by planting 3 Red Maples on the Hunt Stand Island and 4 White Blooming Cherry Trees will be planted on Carson's Pond Road towards the front of the community. Other plantings will take place around the community as we try to keep up with the foliage that has died.

      Items the Board is investigating for next year include rejuvenation of the two upper tennis courts, repairing the cracks in the swimming pool and pool decking and discovering and utilizing a more reliable and professional pond maintenance organization.
      Upcoming social events include a TGIF in September, a Halloween Party and a Holiday Party the first week in December.
Marshall Goldstein, President
Carson's Pond Homeowners Association
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